The Talking Machine

November 04, 2018 - 172 views
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This month, The Talking Machine honours the bravery of all those who served, died and were affected by the First World War. As well as remembering one forgotten soldier, Herbert Ayriss...

Paul has been researching his family tree which has led him to find some remarkable stories about his ancestors.

On the Thiepval Memorial he found 'H Ayriss'.... . Just an initial and surname on a memorial that is dedicated to soldiers that have no known grave.

Paul embarked on a long journey of research to find more about H Ayriss, not just his war but also his life prior to enlistment. The information Paul uncovered has given him an insight into his family life, occupation, the music he would have known, the village he grew up in and even his local pub.

Herbert's story has now been recorded and follows his life from when he left school at 13 and began working on the farms around Cosby, Leicestershire. The Podcast follows him from childhood into work, enlistment and basic training around the South of England. The story then travels into Northern France and describes the experiences that changed a young country boy into a battle hardened veteran. It ends with his final action at the age of 19.