The Monday Night Ride-out

April 16, 2018 - 506 views
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The latest edition of The Monday Night Ride-out with Ming and Jon - available for one week from the date of publication.

Still fresh from the swoon of seeing her perform in Oslo, Ming and Jon featured Ane Brun (and some other Norwegian singers) on tonight's show, including as a Transatlantic-Double-Header-Triple. More Coffee Co cracked the #Sp3, as did Jill. To others, we can only counsel, "Don't give up...".

1. Green Island - Jazz Jamaica
2. Wear It Like a Crown - Rebecca Karijord
3. Red Eyes and Tears - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
4. A Change Is Gonna Come (#NeverAgain) - Rhoda Dakar
5. One Drop - Bob Marley
6. I Would Hurt a Fly / How to Disappear Completely - Ane Brun (TRANSATLANTIC [Double Header] TINGLER)
7. Somethin' - Lalah Hathaway
8. Spectacular - Graham Coxon (Billy Brown's CHOOOOON of the Week)
9. Runaway Girl - U-Roy
10. Silver Dagger - Dolly Parton (SPEED TRIPLE)
11. Reaching Out - Kate Bush (SPEED TRIPLE)
12. The Light from One - Ane Brun (SPEED TRIPLE)
13. Norwegian Gent - Andy May Trio
14. Jackson Pollock Pebbledash - Kevin Hewick
15. The Silicone Veil - Susanne Sundfør
16. Narrow Daylight - Diana Krall
17. Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel