Surface Noise

Thursday, from 21:00 to 23:00

Every other Thursday, alternating with Other Noises. Zero is currently taking a break from presenting, but please watch this space for his triumphant reappearance.

Surface Noise features music from the Great Big Magic Box Of Sevens (TM)... Which is to say, Zero's extensive collection of seven inch vinyl records: yes, 100% real vinyl 45s with surface noise and everything.

You can expect to hear surf, funk, soul, reggae, glam, disco, synth-pop, new wave, bossa nova, post-punk, rock, prog, ska, garage, bluebeat, soul, rockabilly, punk, doo wop, be bop, hip hop, power pop, jazz, klezmer, mariachi, psychedelia, country, rhythm & blues and whatever else I can lay my hands on. Probably not techno, heavy metal or polkas. Probably.

For playlists and further disinformation, see the companion blog.

Program DJ(s)