Trust the Doc EXTRA

March 03, 2021 - 5608 views
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TRUST THE DOC EXTRA: Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Presented by Neil March on Exile FM

Dave & Ansell Collins: Double Barrel [Excerpt] - Theme Tune

Moodbay: Psycho

Emma Kelly: The Thought

Poppy Ajudha: Weakness

Do Nothing: Uber Alles

Carl Dawson: Creation

Chris Chambers: All that’s inside of a man

Cholly: Stepping

Mathieu Karsenti: Oscillate

Bloom De Wilde: Flying Carpenters

The Rumbleskulls: Fly by night

C-Beem: Tin Foil Hat

The Broken Orchesrtra ft Lyn Acton: Tomorrow

Hollie Rogers: Sinner

Deap Valley w/ Jenny Lee: Look Away

Billy Nomates: Heels

Joe Jackson: It’s different for girls - Show Closer