Trust the Doc EXTRA

October 21, 2021 - 9565 views
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TRUST THE DOC EXTRA: Wednesday 20th October 2021

Presented by Neil March on Exile FM

Dave & Ansell Collins: Double Barrel [Excerpt] - Theme Tune

Nadia Sheikh: Love is undefined

Voxish: The Querulist

Chris Chambers: Loreena

Neil Frost: Love and dance

Simon Taylor: Angel of Mercy

The Maze: Light up the sky

Katanak: Pinch Grip

AOAO: If I could sleep

DeBlocka: Ultra High

Greenshine: White Trails

Ger Eaton: The time it takes to fall

Eden Iris: Time she is dancing

Maiden Rose: Every day is paradise

Alice SK: Hidden Paradise

Tone Butta: Blizzard

Umbrella Assassins: Trophic Cascade (King of Fruit Vol. 2 EP)

The Pink Diamond Revue: The Fuzz Guitar

Garbage: Push it - Show Closer