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March 06, 2021 - 14846 views
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TRUST THE DOC RADIO SHOW: Saturday 6th March 2021

Presented by Neil March on Exile FM

Steely Dan: Black Cow [Excerpt] - Theme Tune

Platronic: Maybe Someday

Moodbay: Psycho

Juniore: Un Jour Ou L’Autre

Emma Kelly: The Thought - Track of the Week: Candidate 1

Basic Television: Creeper - Track of the Week: Candidate 2

Siddhartha Says: Savanna - Track of the Week: Candidate 3

Dora Lachaise: I confess

Gang Of Four: Outside the trains don’t run on time - Then & Now (Then)

Shame: Nigel Hitter - Then & Now (Now)

Wellingta: Be True

The Happy Somethings: Rainbow

Verity Standen: Where do you hide

The Jojo Man Band: It will be

Hannya White: Callin’

Chiedu Oraka: The Trials and Tribulations of C.E.O

Machina X: The City

Honey Hahs: Starwoman

Project Blackbird: If this is the end

Delta 5: Journey (Live) - Trust The Doc Classic

Deap Vally & Jenny Lee: Look away

Billy Nomates: Heels

Siddhartha Says: Savanna - Winner. Track of the Week

Gary Numan: Intruder

Newdad: I don’t recognise you

The Staves: Satisfied

Janet Jackson: What have you done for me lately? - Show Closer