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October 23, 2021 - 24899 views
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TRUST THE DOC RADIO: Saturday 23rd October 2021

Presented by Neil March on Exile FM

Steely Dan

Black Cow [Excerpt]

Theme Tune

The Happy Somethings

Our TV Times

Call To The Faithful

It doesn't matter

Nadia Sheikh

Love is undefined

Track of the Week - Cand. 1


Pinch Grip

Track of the Week - Cand. 2


The Querulist

Track of the Week - Cand. 3


If I could sleep

Steely Dan

Babylon Sisters

What's The Word? - Clue 1

The Shamen

Ebenezer Goode

What's The Word? - Clue 2

Mari Wilson

Just what I always wanted

What's The Word? - Clue 3

JFlames x Platinum Mind



Intoxicated Dreaming

Hannya White

... Wanna See ...

Morning's Thief

Take my name

Asha McCarthy

'Til Dawn

Machina X

Silent Now

Billy Brown

Let me lie next to you

The Starjets

Legendary Girl

With Sun

The Waiting Room

Gabrielle Sey


Title track of new EP

Danny Wilson

Never gonna be the same

What's The Word Answer

Michael Kiwanuka

Beautiful Life

Bessie Turner


Nadia Sheikh

Love is undefined

Winner, Track of the Week

Gorillaz fr Jelani Blackman & Barrington Levy




Pip Blom

You don't want this

Aztec Camera

Walk out to winter

Show Closer