Sunday Brunch

November 27, 2022 - 22500 views
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As another live rendition of Sunday Brunch gets put out in the rain to cool down before becoming a free-to-download-or-listen-to-podcast for a whole week, have a butchers at the playlist:
1. Dixie Dregs – Take it Off The Top (excerpt) (Intro)
2. Yes – Endless Dream (Prog Preview)
3. George Harrison – Marwa Blues (Featured Album)
4. Concert For George - Something
5. The Traveling Wilburys – Dirty World
6. Project Blackbird – Laissons Cela Entre Nous
7. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Blinded By The Light
8. The Small Faces – Lazy Sunday
9. Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
10. Peter Gabriel – No Self Control
11. Sting – Shadows In The Rain
12. The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica (TTTOTW)
13. The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You & The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Sunday Segue)
14. Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home
15. George Harrison – The Rising Sun (Featured Album)
16. Barry White – Never Never Gonna Give You Up (Rocket III)
17. Blues Traveler – Run Around (Rocket III)
18. PHD – I Won’t Let You Down (Rocket III)
19. Big Big Train – The First Rebreather (BBT Break #1)
20. Big Big Train – Summoned By Bells (BBT Break #2)
21. Elton John – Rocket Man (Live@11)
22. Elton John – Whatever Gets You Through The Night Ft. John Lennon (Live@11)
23. Elton John – I Saw Her Standing There Ft. John Lennon (Live@11)
24. David Longdon – The Treachery of Memory
25. Talk Talk – Living In Another World
26. George Harrison – Brainwashed (Featured Album)
27. The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (From ‘Love’)
28. Sachal Studios Orchestra – Take Five
29. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (R3 reveal)
30. Swing Out Sister - Breakout
31. Joe Danks – Sea Fever
32. Rush – Entre Nous (Last Minute Rush
33. Dixie Dregs – Take it Off The Top (excerpt)(Outro)
We had a veritable plethora of correct answers to this weeks Rocket 3, (suggested by Tom): Debbie & Dick, Jeff, Janey & Stu, Andrew, Fer, Karen & David E (no relation to Shiela E) Nick, Mark and Ian all revealed their previously hidden adoration for Stock Aitken & Waterman'sHit Factory by correctly knowing a set of well known lyrics to such a well known classic. If you need a cry for help to get your answer together forever, check out the podcast