Surface Noise

Thursday, from 21:00 to 23:00

A weekly trawl through Zero's Great Big Magic Box of 7" singles - yes, 100% real vinyl 45s with surface noise and everything...

"Eclectic" is much too small a word for it, and the "guilty pleasures" tag is also shunned: there is no shame here...

You can expect to hear surf, funk, soul, reggae, glam, disco, synth-pop, new wave, bossa nova, post-punk, rock, prog, ska, garage, bluebeat, soul, rockabilly, punk, doo wop, be bop, hip hop, power pop, jazz, klezmer, mariachi, psychedelia, country, rhythm & blues and whatever else Zero can lay his hands on. Probably no techno, heavy metal or polkas. Well - no polkas anyway.

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Program DJ(s)