A Mixed Bag of Day-old Bagels

March 06, 2018 - 268 views
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The latest edition of A Mixed Bag of Day-old Bagels - available for two weeks from the date of publication.

The Bagels this week:

All the Stars--Kendrick Lamar
Extreme Ways--Moby

Can't Take My Eyes Off You--Frankie Valli
You Never Can Tell--Chuck Berry

Mrs. Robinson--Simon & Garfunkel
I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow--The Soggy Bottom Boys

Lust For Life--Iggy Pop
-4 Sho Sho--North Star (feat the RZA)

Tom Sawyer--Rush
Grade 9--Barenaked Ladies

Jeremy--Pearl Jam
Guns of Umpqua--Drive-by Truckers

I Don't Like Mondays--The Boomtown Rats
The Nobodies--Marilyn Manson

Vegas--White Lung
Florida--Modest Mouse

Mourning Sound--Grizzly Bear
So Many Tears--2Pac

Watin' For A Superman--The Flaming Lips