A Mixed Bag of Day-old Bagels

August 11, 2020 - 2997 views
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The Mixed Bag travels the world, since we can't really (and no one would let us Americans in, anyway, pariahs that we are!)

Daughter--Pearl Jam
Velvet Queen--Advertisement

The World is Yours--Nas
trail of tears--MIKE

No One is to Blame--Howard Jones
Napalm Girls--Creeper

Stories for Boys--U2
A Lucid Dream--Fontaines DC

No Agreement, Pt 2--Fela Kuti
Destiny--Burna Boy

Forgotten Years--Midnight Oil
Instant Destiny--Tame Impala

I Got You--Split Enz
Out of Sight--The Beths

Glasshouse--Peter Tosh

Chan Chan--Buena Vista Social Club

Ingrata--Cafe Tacuba

Different Strings--Rush